symptoms of an infection with new Covid variant "Omicron"

Dr. Angelique Coetzee, from South Africa, revealed the first major symptoms of a person's infection with the new "Omicron" strain of the emerging corona virus.

This came in an exclusive interview conducted by the British newspaper "The Telegraph" today, Sunday, with Coetzee, who heads the Medical Association in the Republic of South Africa, which was the first to sound the alarm due to the emergence of the new strain in her country.

The doctor said that she became aware of the possibility of the emergence of this new strain for the first time when patients in her clinic in the capital, Pretoria, began complaining of symptoms of “Covid-19” disease, which seemed “illogical” immediately.

She explained that some young men of different ages were suffering from severe fatigue, and there was also a six-year-old child suffering from a very high heart rate, but none of them suffered from a loss of taste or smell.

"Their symptoms were very different and very mild compared to those she had treated before," Coetzee continued.

The doctor said that about two dozen of her patients tested positive for Covid-19, with symptoms of the new mutant. And they were mostly healthy men who were "very tired". About half of them are not vaccinated.

Coetzee expressed concern that unvaccinated elderly people could be at greater risk if they contract the new strain.