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Mystery revealed: 11 facts that Tupac is alive at 2019 !

A lot of unknown facts was surrounding Tupac Shakur death and also a lot of theories came up ending by denying this death. We will show here a lot of facts that will help knowing the truth about the most famous rapper in the world "Tupac": 

- The picture below shows Tupac Shakur with his own bodyguard "Franck" after a day from shooting Tupac.

They both look sad as it is the last time they will see each others. 

- One of the theories claiming that Tupac still alive is based on a fact saying that there was someone looking just like Tupac and used by Tupac to claim his death and run away. We will show here some of the photos of the real and the fake Tupac.

The one on the left is the real Tupac and the one on the right is the fake one.

Tupac looks very skinny in this picture and tatoo on his neck is not his own one "Makavelli".

- Tupac was with Suge Knight in MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas - Nevada to watch a boxing game between Mike Tyson and Bruce Seldon at 3:30 pm in the 7th of September 1996. After tupac left the game, one of Suge's assistant saw someone called Ornaldo Anderson, one of Crips gang member based in California, known to be a stealing gang specially when they did a stealing crime against Death Row. Death Row gang directly went to kick Ornaldo ass and beated him which gave Tupac a chance to substitute with his similar one or with the fake Tupac.
This picture shows Tupac walking after beating Ornaldo Anderson 
If you check the picture, it doesn't belong to Tupac. His head and form are different. 

- Now a picture for both real and fake Tupac in one shot.
The man of the righ is not Tupac but very similar to him and he might be the one who helped him in his plan.

- what really happened on 7 september 1996 ? 
Always according to one of the strongest theories of Tupac is alive, Suge was in his black BMW with the fake Tupac next to him. The real Tupac was with Yaki Kadafi in the car just before the BMW. Ornaldo Anderson was in a white cadillac and opened the window to shoot the BMW and killed the fake Tupac.
The fake Tupac body was than taken to the hostpital and The real Tupac disappeared for unknown reasons.
- Below is a picture took from the crime scene. Focus on it well.
Can you see a helicopter in the sky ?
They claim that Tupac was taken to the hospital but the truth is that Tupac was taken in a helicopter and the fake Tupac was taken to the hospital. 
He was directly flying to Cuba or to somewhere than went to Cuba by a car. 
- They claim that Tupac didn't die directly but took seven days to die which gave him a sufficient time to run away and be sure that no one is looking for him.
- They release a picture for Tupac body after his death but the reality is clear that it doesn't belong to him because Makaveli tattoo is absent. 
- A picture of driving license found with Tupac after his death. 

His height and weight are different than reality and it claims that there are no drugs in his body but the truth is that Tupac smoked weed.
- Below you can find a passport for Tupac from Cuba.
A lot of people claimed that they saw Tupac in Cuba.
Many pictures was released for Tupac after his death.
Tupac with Outlawz.
- In 2012, one security man said that he was hired with several people to protect a rapper while his stay in a building. Than, this man said that a helicopter came to the building roof and something happened with this rapper and people coming in this helicopter. After this mission, every men was told to delete all pictures took from his cellphone. 
The rapper was Kasinova The Don and Tupac was giving him his last recordings.
 Tupac is still recording and many hits are released for him on the internet every year.
Kasinova has a voice very similar to Tupac...
- The last picture showing Tupac alive is below:
His eyes, the shape of his face, his tattoo, everything is clear. A lot of proofs showing that Tupac is alive but very very rare proofs to say that Tupac is death.

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