Gebran Bassil from Kfardebian

 The head of the Free Patriotic Movement, MP Gebran Bassil, from the Independence Park in Kfardebian, affirmed: “We are an independence movement, and this is the most important thing in us.

Bassil pointed out that “independence is threatened today by many things, the first of which is placing the economic and financial hand on Lebanon. Independence is not only about politics, but also with the economy, and this is our battle today,” stressing that “whoever tries to bring us to our knees economically and financially aims to put his hand on our decision, and this is the great challenge because People are faced with the living, financial and economic situation. It is natural for them to get tired and weak, but we must always remember that we are children of the resurrection and hope, and we do not allow despair, fatigue and weakness to infiltrate our hearts and minds.

Bassil added, "The only thing that bothered them with this covenant was the word 'the strong'. They did not want a strong covenant, a strong president, or a strong current." It only came to collapse, so it must be weak to keep their hand on it.”