The head of the Metn Kataeb region, resigned MP Elias Hankash, started his visit to France by participating in a mass and funeral held by the Paris Department on the occasion of the martyrdom anniversary of Minister Pierre Gemayel and his companion Samir Shartouni in Saint Louis Church, in the presence of the head of the Expatriate Commission, Mr. And a large number of comrades and expatriates. Hankash also held a meeting with Lebanese students and youth organized by the Youth Bureau in France, where a dialogue took place with them about the recent political developments, the positions of the Kataeb Party, the conditions of expatriate students and youth, and preparations for the upcoming parliamentary elections.

During the meeting, Hankash stressed the importance of the participation of expatriate youth in the upcoming parliamentary elections by registering and voting to achieve change and confront the mafia and the state, because they are not subject to the pressure and threat that residents of Lebanon are exposed to.

Hankash pointed out that Minister Pierre Gemayel and thousands of comrades were martyred in defense of a project and a cause, not in order for the Lebanese to live a life of humiliation that they live and to suffer daily in order to obtain their lowest rights, but rather in order to live in a homeland that has a leading role in the Arab and international world, and a homeland A product that supports industrialists and motivates innovators and creators in order to restore the dignity of the citizen.

Hankash asked the students and youth to stand a minute of silence for the lives of the victims of the Beirut port bombing, especially the Secretary-General of the Kataeb Party Nizar Najarian, and said: "Our struggle continues to achieve justice in the port explosion issue, and the truth will be revealed for the sake of the victims and their families and for the wounded who are still suffering to this day." .

Finally, Hankash briefed the attendees on their situation and concerns, answered their questions, and conveyed to them a message from the head of the Kataeb Party, Sami Gemayel, about the importance of the role of the diaspora and their ability to push for change. In order to build a new Lebanon that embraces its youth and enables them to realize their dreams and aspirations in it.