Christmas in Lebanon 2021

2020 Christmas solution on $ 8,500 lira on the black market with the exchange rate stabilization at the Central Bank of Lebanon at 1507.5 lira, while Lebanese banks were trading in dollars at a price of 3,900 pounds when the young depositors were withdrawn .. The circumstances were difficult for broken Lebanese The absence of any correction of wages, the joy of Eid was mixed with poverty and mirror at a lot of families that were unable to celebrate Eid and its children.

Today is the same reality, the Central Dollar is still stable at 1507.5 pounds and banks at 3900 pounds but with a difference that the black market reached the threshold of 25,000 pounds, that is three times the Lebanese pound in one year, while wages are either in case of a large segment Of citizens or have been subjected to a slight adjustment amounting to the best situations on 3900 lira! And the duration of the citizen who finds himself every time is forced, but not to adapt to the situation I have imposed on him a group of officials from the reward of power and judgment does not motion. In crises do not sleep in them and nor sentences!

This Christmas does not ceiling for the black market, economists who emphasize that the economy is essentially linked to political stability and the government's meeting to make decisions and to conduct country and worshipers.

This Christmas does not games and wholesale gifts for boys, hardly will get every boy on one gift. Happy "!

This birth is not luxurious tables on your eye and look at the "Juma Atee".

This new Christmas is not a new day for many children who will praise them to their people to facilitate the treasury, because "wearing Eid has become Ghali so much" Estimated at less than $ 16 What is the most valuable amount of lira if the exchange rate calculates 25,000 lira, not to mention the boot and amount here at least 300 thousand.

Abu al-Tayeb al-Mutanbi says "Eid in any case I returned Eid"! In order not to lose the glorious Christmas, they did we help each other and he has a gracious summit and share this year with his brother and his neighbor. It is capable of buying two players for his grandfather.