green chilli will change your life

 The hot green pepper is a vegetable dietary varieties that characterize their strong taste and stealth contrary to fruition of sweet and colored pepper. The first pepper is used in the first place as a kind of spices that can be added to the food to give a special taste, as can be dried or crushed to turn the powder powder can also be used with various food dishes.

Follow the most prominent benefits of warm green pepper with Dr. in Nutrition and Food Sintia El Hajj in the following lines:

Anti-bacterial properties

The beginning of Dr. Sentia al-Haj said that "hot green peppers are used in a large number of Asian countries in preparing food, a spice used with: meat, chicken, pasta and rice as well.

Very poor calories, which helps improve diabetes mode; It contributes to mitigating the symptoms of disease and stimulates the production of insulin in the blood.

Hot green pepper plays a major role in the treatment of joint pain, and studies have shown that, especially as an product containing green pepper relieves 20% joint pain. Unlike what is recognized, the hot green pepper relieves infection of stomach ulceration and has an article reduces the damage of the mucosa of the stomach.

Helps hot green peppers in maintaining heart health; It contains the celestial component that improves blood flow and heart functions, and reduces the risk of heart disease and reduces cholesterol levels and reduces the risk of blood clotting.

This warm green pepper contributes to the treatment of throat infections and reduce influenza symptoms; It contains high amounts of vitamin C C. It works when taking to improve mood, and helps treat skin infections; Because he has a lot of anti-bacterial properties. "

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Dr. Sentia adds: "The hot green pepper is a natural source of iron, so it is important for people with iron deficiency. He is a balance in blood sugar, which is rich in vitamin K, which reduces the risk of osteoporosis, and protects against the risk of acute bleeding Which happens when one gets injured.

There is no doubt that green green peppers are rich in Beta Carotene, which is very useful for skin health, eyes and immune system. You must be sure to store green green peppers in a cool and dark place; Because it loses its content from vitamin C when exposed to light, air and heat.

The warm green pepper features many health and bloodless health benefits, especially since it reduces the risk of sclerosis of arteries by reducing cholesterol levels, the level of triglyceride in the body, and the collection of platelets, and increases the activity of FIBERINs. The ability to prevent the configuration of blood clots, which may lead to a stroke, or a heart attack.

The hot green pepper contributes to cancer prevention, with antioxidants that protect the body from free radicals and protect prostate from disorders or diseases. "

The most important benefits of green pepper

- The Health of Eyes: Because of the warm green pepper vitamin A, essing regularly may help combat eye diseases that may appear with age and reduce the chances of infection, especially eye-catching.

- Improving the appearance of the skin: from the benefits of warm green pepper that has significant positive effects on the skin when taking regularly within a balanced diet, with a high proportion of food, especially vitamin C that helps:

* Stimulate collagen production and renew skin cells.

* Cure acne and prevent future pimples.

* Combating wrinkles and masks.

- Overweight loss: The hot green pepper may help lose overweight when taking it back for the following reasons:

* Contained on the stuffing of the calble that helps speed up metabolism by raising internal body temperature slightly.

* His flagship flavor that helps make him a natural food for appetite.

* Have a few quantity of calories.

- Treatment of sister: The benefits of warm green peppers may help to treat sister, because they contain alcohol and which may have a dwelling effect of different pain, including head pain.

- Combating cancer: The alcoholic material in warm green pepper may have many benefits when it comes to combating cancer. This article may help prevent the growth and division of cancer cells, especially the cancer cells responsible for breast cancer.

- Other benefits: The benefits of hot green pepper are not limited to what mentioned, but may have many other potential benefits, such as:

* Strengthen hair follicles and improve hair health in general.

* Improve mood.

* Strengthen the immune system and combat various infections.

*constipation treatment.

* Treat the colds and relieve their symptoms.