Lebanese christians
Christianity in Lebanon 

 The head of the Labora Foundation, Father Tony Khadra, launched a cry to express the miserable situation the Lebanese live in today, which prompted young people to emigrate in search of a better living situation.

In an interview via "Spot Shot", Father Khadra said: "The situation is catastrophic, and the Lebanese people are drugged as if they have surrendered." He continued, "There is no longer a voice for us to scream again, and this stalemate does not bode well, as if we have adapted to what we are living through."

He pointed out that "basically the church's role is a spiritual role limited to the salvation of souls, but in Lebanon the church has always played the role of the state in helping the people, but it will not be able to solve all the Lebanese crises, but at least it has to start with its Christian children."

المسيحيون في لبنان

When asked: “Where does the Church protect its Christian children?” The father replied: “In light of the magnitude of the danger that threatens the presence of Christians in our land, it is not enough only to distribute rations and food rations to families, but the situation requires a strategic project and an executive plan around which all church references gather. in Lebanon, otherwise we will enter into the unknown.”

Regarding the emigration that the Christian religion has witnessed in the past few months, he said: "People are emigrating for fear of their unknown fate, and the numbers are very frightening, as 60% of the immigrants are our sons, or approximately 180,000 Christians have immigrated."

Father Khadra feared the continuation of this bleeding, which "will lead us to the great catastrophe. We will wake up one day without Christians in Lebanon, and then the face of the region will change, as happened in Jerusalem and Syria."

And about the contradiction in the youth’s call and urging them to stay in Lebanon, but without providing any alternative, he said: “We cannot ask them to sacrifice without anything in return. Christians love freedom, and as Patriarch Mar Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir once said, “The Lebanese love freedom.”

Father Tony Khadra concluded: "If we preserve the Christians of Lebanon, then we will preserve the mosaic of the homeland."

To watch interview of Father Khadra in Arabic: Interview in Arabic