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Sagesse prepares a competitive team led by Sarkis

A basketball expert said that Sagesse Club has weathered the repercussions of the storm that afflicted its team, following the conclusion of the Lebanese Championship for the last season, as it fulfilled its promise to its large fans after restoring its historic coach, Ghassan Sarkis, about a month ago. He succeeded in coordination with the team manager, Jad Bitar, and the head of the Basketball Committee. Joe Francis to form a team that befits his name and meets the competitive aspirations of his popular base, knowing that Sarkis will start preparing his plans for the next season, after the end of his mission with Al-Ahly Al-Halabi, with the conclusion of the Syrian Championship no later than July 17.

Sagesse succeeded, either by contracting or renewing, as well as restoring a number of prominent stars, the last of whom was Rodrigue Akl, in addition to Youssef Ghantous, Ahmed Ibrahim, Jean-Luc Makhlouf, Aziz Abdel-Masih, Elias Al-Sabali, Basil Harfush, Rudy Hajj Musa and Patrick Bou Abboud.

The magician Amir Saoud sows joy in the hearts of orange lovers

The star of the Lebanese national basketball team, Amir Saoud, the skillful shooter from all distances, led Al-Wahda Club to achieve its second victory at the expense of Al-Ahly - Aleppo (78-74) in a crowd-pleasing match that needed two additional halves to settle it in the final series of the Syrian Basketball League after scoring 25 A point, including 6 successful throws from the line of threes.

The fact that Mezher’s transfer to the Syrian League has stalled

A concerned source revealed that what was rumored about the failure of the Lebanese national team and Beirut First Club, Ali Mezher, to play with Al-Ahly Al-Halabi Club, does not accurately match the reality, which is that his Lebanese club did not want his player to be injured, so he preferred not to give him permission to play the final of the Syrian Championship.

What was said about the conflict between his professionalism and the team’s preparations, which will start next Monday, is illogical, since his compatriot, Prince Saud, plays for the competing team, “Al-Wahda”, and he is presenting distinguished levels, and his joining will be delayed until after next Tuesday (in the event that Al-Wehda wins the title, being ahead 2-0) Or no later than Monday, July 17, the supposed date for the fifth and last match, in case there is a need for it, knowing that Youssef Khayyat will not join before the 16th of this month, and Omri Suleiman before the 26th of it.