Covid alert: Saudi Arabia suspends flight from most African countries !

The Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported, on Sunday, that the Kingdom suspended flights to and from Malawi, Zambia, Madagascar, Angola, Seychelles, Mauritius and the Comoros Islands due to fears related to the spread of a new mutated strain of the Corona virus called Omicron.

On Friday, the Kingdom suspended flights to and from South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Lesotho and Eswatini.

In addition, permitting entry to Saudi Arabia for non-citizens, those coming directly and indirectly from the seven countries referred to, has been suspended. Except for those who have spent a period of no less than 14 days in another country from which health procedures in the Kingdom allow entry to those coming from, in accordance with the approved health procedures.

And on Saturday, the Saudi Ministry of Interior announced that it would allow direct entry from all countries for those who received one dose of the Corona vaccine inside the Kingdom, with an institutional quarantine for a period of 3 days.

And last Thursday, the Saudi Ministry of Interior announced that it would allow direct entry to the Kingdom from 6 countries: Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan, Brazil, Vietnam and India, without the need to spend 14 days outside them, after the epidemiological situation in them stabilized.

The source explained, according to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), that the decision will enter into force as of one o'clock in the morning of Wednesday, December 1.

Under the decision, institutional quarantine procedures are applied to those coming from those countries, for a period of 5 days, regardless of their immunization status outside the Kingdom, with the continued application of exceptions issued regarding some groups in this regard.