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 Two hot offers for top scorer Jackson

Nidaa Al-Watan newspaper said on Thursday that the foreign player in the ranks of Antranik Beirut Club, Jordan Jackson, is heading after the end of his current season in the Lebanese Basketball Championship to accept one of the two attractive offers presented to him by two Syrian and Qatari clubs. The 25-year-old had scored 36 points with 5 assists during His last match was against Homenetmen Beirut at Mezher Stadium, which witnessed objections to arbitration decisions.

Who negotiates with the American star Kenneth?

Assistant coach of the Beirut Al-Hikma team, Jad Mubarak, revealed last Sunday that one of the leading clubs had held serious talks with former United States national team player Kenneth Farid, 33, to benefit from his services in the final rounds of the Lebanese Basketball Championship.

Another defeat to Riyadi

The Jordanian Orthodox imposed a decisive confrontation on the Lebanese athlete, after defeating him yesterday with a score (105-95) in the series to qualify for the semi-final round of the Super League for the West Asian region, and the last match will be held next Thursday at ten o’clock in the evening at Al-Manara Stadium.

Lebanon's champion snatches the signature of the flying player

Beirut First announced today, Friday, the signing of the American playmaker Jordan Jackson from the ranks of Antranik Club, as part of his efforts to achieve the Super League title for the West Asian region, noting that the winning team from the (Al-Riyadi - Orthodox) series will meet the Lebanese League title holder in the semi-finals of the championship. WASL Jackson scored 36 points during his last match against Homenetmen at Mezher Stadium on Tuesday, which witnessed many objections due to the modest level of arbitration.

Lebanese basketball news

Chamoun denied his return

The 28-year-old player Elie Chamoun denied, in a comment he posted on a social networking page specialized in Lebanese basketball, the news of his intention to return soon to participate in the regular exercises of the Beirut First team in preparation for the final stages of the Lebanese Championship, which is suffering from a significant decline in the level. arbitration.

Antranik renewed to Khoury

"Nidaa Al-Watan" newspaper said today, Friday, that the management of Antranik Beirut Club is heading to renew the contract of the coach, Sabah Khoury, the former player of Al-Hikma Beirut, for another season, after he presented an excellent season in his coaching duties.

Lebanese basketball news

Did Jad Al Hajj communicate with scorer Sosa?

Today, Saturday, social media pioneers reported that the Dynamo Beirut team entered into serious negotiations with the Dominican Edgar Sosa, the Iraqi oil star, to replace the quarrelsome American player Zack Loften in the final stages of the Lebanese Basketball Championship, which is witnessing a clear decline in the level of arbitration. Al-Watan" spoke about a month ago about communication that took place between one of the leading clubs and Souza in an attempt to feel its pulse, and the latter answered that if his team did not succeed in the Golden Square, he would inevitably announce his decision to agree to come to Lebanese territory or not.